Saturday, February 27, 2010

Turkish Spider man...

What is up with Turkey, I am ok with the total rip offs of popular western movies. I am all for low budget film making, it has an audience and I am part of that for the most part.
This is over the top silly, Spidey is a bad guy, he buries a girl and kills her with a spinning boat motor. If thats not crazy enough for you, he makes a hamster eat a mans eyes!!
Throw in Captain America and a Mexican masked wrestler who beats up 3 black belts and you have a Oscar contender.
If you did't mind this, go on youtube and look up JAPANESE SPIDERMAN...very cheesy but enjoyable.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Man, this is hype!

Break out the old school 3d glasses (red and blue lens) and check this!


Bitching Tat

Captain Harlock, Grandizer, and 2 characters who's names escape me from The laugh olympics.
Im sure I could talk old school cartoons with this person forever.

Be on the look out...

Real Men... Real problems...
It effect for the twenty 10!!

Keep it real...

Underwater boxing match from 1939...

I want UFC in zero gravity!

Handicap breakdance battle...

respect...big time!


Chuck Liddell's XXX Workout -- The Naked Truth

Chuck Liddell and his extremely hot girlfriend will not be going after the person who taped them working out in a gym -- in nothing but shoes -- because the naked twosome was in on the act.

Canadian reporter gets owned!!! (as the kids say)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

NEW Nightmare on Elm street...

Ewwww Michael Bay... rental.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer 2 in HD

Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video

White people are assholes...

Not all of us, but just watch this almost makes me want to call in sick for a month and not show my face.
Just for the record...I dont know anybody who is white that acts this way or dances this way.
Stupid Honkeys.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have mastered the art of running circles around crowds of people determined to walk slow and who refuse to acknowledge other people are amongst them. Crowds of people can be mindless and slow, not to mention very herd like.
I see lots of lazy people taking the escalators, young healthy people...what is wrong with you man.
I always take the steps, plus it is virtually people free.

Godzillla Bloopers

Weird shit is making me laugh at the present moment.

Tough call...

I have loved this shirt for like 2 years...but I will not bend and drop 30 bucks on it. Not to mention shipping, the shirt will be close to 40 bucks.
Sorry man, just being random here!


I am a huge fan of SLICK and his DISSIZIT brand...
I am not one who really has to have name brand clothing, mind you I like my Vanz, and I likeZoo york has some nice stuff.
DISSIZIT is just quality shit, I love it...

Koala fight...

It goes from one sounding like a old lady getting her purse snatched. Then it goes to sounding like a gorilla burp contest.
I use to think these things were the cutest...kinda nasty.

Kneeling 3 pointer...


Killer Whale Kills Sea World Trainer

Im sorry but I do not think such creatures should be kept in a park and used to entertain us. They are meant to live free in the wild as intended, can you blame it for acting this way?

A killer whale who killed a trainer in front of a live audience at SeaWorld Orlando on Wednesday has been involved in two other deaths, including one in Victoria, B.C., almost 20 years ago.
Officials say the whale, called Tillikum, grabbed Dawn Brancheau, 40, in its jaw and thrashed her around underwater as the horrified Florida crowd looked on. It's not clear if Brancheau, an experienced trainer, drowned or died from the physical attack.
Spectator Victoria Biniak told WKMG-TV that the veteran trainer had just finished explaining to audience members a show they were about to see when the whale grabbed her. Police said Brancheau slipped, or fell, into the tank, but several witnesses said the animal leaped out of the water and dragged her in

You can learn a lot from this Movie! (A childhood fav)

Japanese "Family guy?"


brtha dalit and Pizzy-O "The streets are on fire"

Back in 92  4 LAPD officers were caught beating the living shit out of Rodney King on video tape.
They went to court and were acquitted of all charges, which sparked the L.A. riots.
I am sure it sparked several other riots across the globe.
Toronto had its reaction to this event as well...
If any good came of this, I would say it was stand up and fight or  go buck crazy. After the riots a federal trial for civil rights violations was called and it ended with two of the officers found guilty and sent to prison and the other two officers acquitted.



You know it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The cats ass of infomercials!

Boards of Canada "Hi scores"

No they are not from Canada, they  are from their music, and the fan made videos are wonderful.




I feel it, and I give it...

Keep it surreal...

WWE Wrestler The Undertaker catches fire at pay-per view event

Not the best quality, and the WWE has had most of the clips removed from YOUTUBE.
So from what I have read was he was making his entrance and the pyro went off and completely engulfed him in flames. He ran to the ring and doused himself with bottles of water and still managed to finish the match. He did suffer burns, but he is a tough son of a bitch.
After the match he was seen pointing and yelling at the pyro-technicians...yikes.
If you ask me...I think it was his brother Kane.