Saturday, June 12, 2010


Thats me... bust that!!

How to melt an Ipad

I really do love apple products, am I fan boy... hell no. You wont see me clapping, and dancing when they drop a new product. (trust me they do)
I am not big on this Ipad... I think it is a big billboard that says "My owner is a wimpy nerd, steal me!"
I dont think I would melt one down, but just incase your wondering...


I saw a crazy cat lady today while waiting in the vets office. I thought to myself "Pet owners are weirdos including myself"
Apparently we are all doing it wrong...or just really half assed!!

The fantastic art of Bob Peak

I have always been a fan of poster art and fantasy art, like any thing by Frank Frazetta I love.
I see a lot of these posters from back in the day that were true works of art and never knew who did them.
I discovered Bob Peak who unfortunately died not to long ago... yet his work is so pleasing to the eye.
You do not see movie posters like this anymore.

Clint Eastwood by Bill Gold

Bill Gold is responsible for lots old poster art... movies your Daddy loves.

Azureus Rising - Proof of Concept

Ninja robots... what is better then really tell me!

Zombie Stormtrooper

So cool, based on a new Horror themed STAR WARS novel that I will never read.

Salma Hayek freaked out by a snake



WOW... what a war...

Daisy Lowe Dancing In Her Underwear

Gwen Stefani's step-daughter


Stop motion post-it Super Mario

This stop motion video of Super Mario made out of post-its i by a team of students for a bunkasai, or the annual school festival.
I can easily say I am overly impressed!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Transformers 3 looks promising...

I did not mind the 1st Transformers, when I first saw the movie I enjoyed it. I am a big robot fan so it was a must for me to see this. I watched it again, and I liked it less,  I watched it a 3rd time and  I was 100% sure that I did not like it.  Then the 2nd movie came out and it was complete shit from the get go, I knew I should have skipped it but I gave it chance.
Am I going to do this again... I may, because the 3 installment seems promising. No Megan Fox, a new villain we all remember as kids not some King Tut looking goof, and according to explosion happy Michael Bay... no more Dorky comedy.
Your new bad guy is...

Ball girl has amazing catch...

In your face male ballplayers of the world!!


WOW... and to think a kid watches the whole thing!!
I would have been traumatized!!

Not photoshopped...

I am pretty sure the dog is not getting hurt in anyway... still, I think it sucks, looks neat but it sucks.

New Mortal Kombat trailer...

Could fighting games be good again??
This trailer looks epic!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

NIKE... they make wack shoes.

Not bad, but the color reminds of old school McDonalds uniforms.

More for Nintendo fans or Japanese girls

Yellow is such a bad color, well I look terrible in it.
Props to Kill Bill though.

NAAAAAA, twitter shoes are lame as hell.
These could be used to lure kids into those Vans your parents told you to stay away from.