Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rubics cube head...

I don't know if I want to throw up or drink some crappy pop...

Darth Schwarzenegger

I love this stuff....

History of home video game systems.

Ok, I have owned...
Sears home electronics
Coleco Vision
Nintendo, super Nintendo, N64, the gamecube.
Sega Genisis, Saturn, Sega CD, Dreamcast,
Playstion, ps2, ps3
The 3DO

I had no idea this many systems even existed!

The Insane Console History Video 2.0 from Elder-Geek on Vimeo.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Guitar Born to be Destroyed "SMASH" HOW TO DESTROY MANNUAL

As it reads...
We introduce 3 feature of destroying.

*Destroyable Structure
*Destroyful Frying Function
*Sustainable Destroy System

MARVEL VS CAPCOM Star wars mash up poster

I was never really  Huge fan of these games, they are ok...
this poster is very cool... it caught my attention, good work!

The TIE fighter noise came from a dino fight in the 1960's LOST WORD

Serious...listen at the 13 sec mark...

cool animation made with numark turntable..

Watch as hidden animations come alive by using a specific frame rate and shutter speeds of a camera and RPM of a record player.

Planet Asia Feat. TriState "Trouble"

I absolutely love this, its strait flowin... I dont need a super over produced beat... this is a banger!!

Kane and Lynch 2 "Dog days"

The 1st game did not get the best rating, but I enjoyed it. I found it extreamly fun to have shoot outs with cops, and wild gun fights in a Tokyo night club.
I downloaded the demo for part 2, and the graphics have improved, the game play is way more intense... I just hope the game is not short.


This guy is known as THE iDENTiTY CRiSiS , he is going to posting his vlogs on SPAZOTRON! Pretty funny stuff, and if you have the chance check out his music HERE!
Welcome to EQOTW (e-mail question of the week)

Welcome iDC!

SPazOTRON... is going to start posting girl pics... enjoy!

I have seen it all... now you have... the internet should shut down.