Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friends... help friends.

Return of the EWOK mockumentry... you never saw this.

Return of the Ewok is a 24-minute mockumentary starring Warwick Davis, the actor who played the Ewok, Wicket W. Warrick in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and the Ewok spin-off films. Davis and David Tomblin, Return of the Jedi’s first assistant director, created it, with Tomblin directing. Lucasfilm planned to use the movie as a promotional film for Return of the Jedi, but post-production on the film was never completed.
The film is set in both the “real world” and the fictional locations of the Star Wars universe. Real world locations include an airport, Elstree Studios and the actors’ dressing rooms, while the fictional locations include Dagobah, the Death Star II, Jabba’s Palace, and Endor. Throughout the film, these two realities are intermixed to produce an alternate reality.
Part 1

Part 2


Destroy by C-Rayz Walz

I dig this guys stuff...
The video is great!

Destroy (C-Rayz Walz) from Nicolas Heller on Vimeo.

What a cock tease...pun intended.

A 73-year-old Zimbabwe man felt so ashamed that his wife caught him having sex with a chicken that he took his own life.
Police say Grace Maradze, 61, told how she couldn’t believe her eyes the moment she walked into her kitchen and found her husband, Petro, performing a sex act with a live chicken on his penis.
“His wife stormed into the kitchen during his intimacy with the chicken,”
 an investigator told reporters. “He failed to give a satisfactory explanation as he was caught in the act.”
Moments later, the woman became furious and began quarreling with her mortified husband.“He disappeared as his wife was hurling abuse at him and never came back alive,”an investigator said.
Two days later the shamed man’s body was seen hanging from a tree. Police have ruled his death a suicide. “Petro Maradze of Mafuke Village decided to take his own life after the shame of being caught in the act of bestiality with a chicken by his wife.”

Country Hip Hop...

Dagnabbit this is word!

To the violent protesters in Toronto....

This is all because of the G8, and I am pretty sure some of these protestors are cops undercover. You think thats far fetched,it happened in Montreal...

How to be a bad ass 101...

Here is a wave of oil...thanks B.P.

Fix it... NOW!


This is a really cool pic, and unless the aliens are not affected by the force, Vader would kill them with ease.
Yeah they are killing machines, but Vader could use the force to his advantage.
I dedicate this to JIM SMASH!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WHERE WOULD I BE - FLO (Dough Control Studios).wmv

I saw this when wordburgler posted it on facebook.
I dig it man, the video is by no means a big budgeted production but this guy is sick. He has that sound I love, it brings me back to that 90s vibe. Not saying his shit sounds out dated, but its the beat, the style that is just killer... I wish him all the best, hip hop in my opinion needs more stuff like this, fuck all that bling crap!!
Thanks for the friend add FLO!


"The Amputee Rap" By Josh Sundquist


Who is up for some Game child?