Saturday, April 10, 2010


Ohhhh finally another Will Ferrell movie, most of his comedies kill me!
It will be interesting to see this odd pairing with Mark Walberg who I like as an actor but his movies can be very hit and miss.
Funny trailer!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jokers buck wyld!



Sweeping changes to the mutant world are coming in the form of death! This teaser image was recently released:

Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop (Exclusive 5 min Extended Sneak Peek)

Street artist, love this stuff...STREET ART!


Your music lives... classic stuff.
Lots of familiar samples used by today musicians.

Cypress Hill- Armada Latina *MUSIC VIDEO OFFICIAL 2010* (Ft. Marc Anthony, Pitbull)

Ant has a joint!

Now his buddy just needs to find a big Dorito!

Who got a Bat-fetish!

Fake video games covers...

I would really love to blast deer from space...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

KrudmartTV Checkout: Frank’s Chop Shop

KrudmartTV Checkout: Frank's Chop Shop from Krudmart TV on Vimeo.

Need one!
check it


This brings me back...I need to watch some of of his older movies, funny stuff!



Yeah....the Gonzolo below I think is cool, this is kinda lame.

The Neo-Geo Song

Neo Geo was a gaming system back in the 90s so advanced for its time it failed.
It was so expensive to, it was like 800 bucks back in the early 90s and the games were like close to a 100 bucks. Good luck in finding anyone who carried it or rented games...
I use to see the stand up arcade games that had anywhere from 3-4 games available on it... which was the exact same game on the home console, and they sucked.
Now we got nerds singing songs about...

I wish this was coming soon...


These are sick, check out



Unicorn Girl After Wisdom Teeth Get Pulled

My biggest fear (besides clowns, midgets, being butt raped, or clown midgets butt raping me) is saying a bunch of crap like this when coming out from a operation. I am suppose to get a hernia operation and I dont want my family near at all.
A old co-worker of my said his brother was coming out of his and went on about jerking off while his neighbor swam in the pool, and how he stole shit from his uncle and sold it, all true.
Anyways... when they day comes, this chic is retarded cute.

Monday, April 5, 2010

For the cat lovers...and the space lovers.

Glad Easter is done...

No disrespect to Christianity... but it is just another holiday that has become a commercialized bombardment that stands for nothing it is suppose to stand for.
FUCK the Easter Bunny!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter


I don't have a clue if these films will be worth watching, I know nothing about the directors or the companies who are making them. But I will watch these movies as these anime shows were awesome back in the day. I think todays anime is either incredibly sissy or so over the top disgusting and unnecessary.

The official website to Toei Animation has revealed news of a CGI pilot for a 「Gaiking」 remake. The work is being handled as a collaboration project with founder and CEO of LightStage Jules Urbach. LightStage utilizes a high-quality 3D rendering and capturing system that can be seen in such films as Avatar, Benjamin Button, and Spiderman 2. The pilot is expected to debut at this year’sTokyo International Anime Fair 2010 event — held 
March 27th.

I would fork out some $$$

Former WCW/WWE wrestler Kris Kanyon found dead.

He was the 1st openly admitted gay wrestler, he was battling depression over the years and talked about suicide quite often.
They found several notes and empty pill bottles.