Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Belated Arnold!

To is 160 of his best movie quotes!

Luchar contra el sistema

Charles Manson...

He is sucha character...

I hate this guy...

DJ der guten Laune from Sven on Vimeo.


Guys like this will steal your woman and make her break dance with Jesus... YO...FUCK YOUR MOON WALK!


Gotta be high...gotta!

Just in time for Christmas...

Dec 21st... FAMILY GUY 3rd installment of the series.

Shark fin... and part of the body...

I refuse to eat shark fin soup because of shit like this.
Is this not horrible, GAWD... it is one think to eat A shark for food consumption, but to just take one part?
I have loved sharks since I was a child, I loved Jaws like he was the hero of the movie. The sad thing was that movie sparked a lot of fear and sharks were getting killed right and left.
I really suggest watching the documentary "shark water" so you can really appreciate what this miracle of nature does for this planet. Then you can see how terrible humans are... trust me, we are bastards.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is the only version with great sound!


The Unreachable Pyramid

A troubled young woman attempts to find solace the only way she can: by living her life as beloved vintage video game character "Qbert".

The Unreachable Pyramid from Brady Hall on Vimeo.

Best grandparents ever...

Mine just sits in a chair and laughs at Jerry Springer..eats, goes back to bed...repeat.

I dig this ad

Big Butts are whats happening, props to Nike... never thought I would say it!

MARK GORMLEY He can take your women with his beautiful singing voice!

LOL, why are white people so retarded (its o.k., I am white)
Man, no words can explain... he looks like my friends Dad... that is what makes it even more funny.


WITH OUT YOU (this song made me cry and I went out and tattooed my girls face on my arm)

RoyceDaFive9 - Vagina (Video)

Ok... this video is off the fuckin chain, I was never much of a RoyceDaFive9 fan... but this song is RETARDED BAD ASS!
I really love how he sampled John Lajoie, best video I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Foreskin Man... this is not fake!!

Frustrated by societys failure to protect its most vulnerable citizens, Foreskin Man has taken up the fight agains male genital mutilation.
Aided by the power of his technologically advanced plasma boots, Foreskin Man flies above the city to hunt down criminals who cut tthe genitals of innocent boys.


This is really cool... using symbols of love in place of bullets which kill or wound... great work, I enjoyed this!


This movie has lots of special effects... which I think takes away from the story.
Still... it looks absolutely kick ass, I wont skip on this!

Audio-Animatronic Lincoln Malfunction

Thats what happens when old technology downloads the spazotron virus!

"Remastered" Sci Fi Home Movie Epics From 1970s

I love anything from the 70s, as soon as time machines become readily available I will be going back and living that decade for the rest of my life.
These are pretty cheesy, but I love bad effects and peoples spin on movies with zero budgets. Way before you could use a Mac to do your edits, I find these enjoyable... hope you do to.

Denki Grove...

Prepare to scratch your head and wonder...

Blow me...

When you sign a contract to have money taken out of your account every 2 weeks...
then they dont do it, and send you a bill stating that I am late and owe interest.
Priceless my ass...
Your the biggest crooks on the planet, not just you, all the credit card companies... 


Get down!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poster screen printed with Human blood!!

The poster for the Swedish “Black Metal” band Watain was designed by the Paris-founded, New York-based designer, Metastazis, and was silk-screen printed using real, human blood. There is not much more to say except: whoever said designers invest blood, sweat and tears in their work, did not mean it to be taken so literally.

The SMSlingshot... NUTZ!!!

The SMSlingshot is wooden device that was designed to create situations of digital augmented urban drift (Dérive). It is equipped with an ultra-high frequency radio, hacked micro processor board, a laser-pointer and batteries. A text messages can be typed on a phone-sized wooden keypad which is integrated in the also wooden slingshot. After the message is finished, people can aim on a media facade and send/shoot the message straight to the targeted point. It will then appear as a colour splash with the message written within. The text message will also be real-time twittered to link up real and virtual worlds.

SMSlingshot from prix lux on Vimeo.

Old school Megatron 4 life!

Thank-you, 2000 visits in a month...

I don't pay for advertising or really know how to increase traffic... I do this for fun, I do it for my friends, I do it to entertaining my facebook crew... if it can make you laugh, or inform you on some nerdy shit you love... I hope I can keep it up and you keep coming back.
Pass it on to your friends...lets gun for 3000 visits next month!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Indeed Legendary Pictures will be making a new North American "Godzilla"

Apparently these can be found at Comicon...
I am not even talking shit, I am going to bed as soon as this post is done and I am watching my Godzilla movie from Netflicks.
This new movie has to be better then the North American version that came out a few years back. That movie was a total hunk of dog shit. Godzilla does not run, lay eggs, and hide in sewers.
How do these things get the "O.K." to film??
I am diggin the pic...just dont fuck it up Legendary!!


I stole this off of some guys  facebook photo upload from "ComicCon"
I never had these as a kid, but the SHOGUN WARRIORS were by far the coolest toys in the 70s. Yeah every kid had a Star Wars toy, but I longed for a SHOGUN WARRIOR!
I hate being 37 and knowing when these are in the store (not these particular robots pictured) I will be fighting the urge not to by them.
They can sit with the few other must haves that do what they do best...sit... and make me smile.

PIP SKID "I never knew"

The more I hear of this guy from Winnipeg, the more I dig his stuff!
This is the Hip hop I love, not bling bling, rims and massive assed girls...


Yo...  these are some dope records man!