Friday, May 7, 2010

Jedi assholes...

True lies...


Typo-Animation that gives you a clear impression of the enormous amount of visual stimuli that plague us every day. Due to the immense scale of the visual bombardment, the commercial effectiveness has become utterly dubious.

"INCEPTION" trailer...

The new flick from Christopher Nolan...he did that lil movie THE DARK KNIGHT.
Man, this looks like a total mind fuck.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BATMAN "A porn parody"

I love the old Batman, Adam West and Burt Ward... it is fantastic corny stuff.
Now Vivid entertainment has made a very well put together looking porno involving... BATMAN & ROBIN!
Even The Joker has a painted over mustache, just like Caesar Romero.
I am not even embarrassed to say I want to watch this...
Produced by ALEX BRAUN and coming out on DVD ... May 24, 2010.

Monday, May 3, 2010

DR. JESUS...his chemicals will have you buggin!

Stevie doin Superstition on Sesame Street

way 2 fonky!

No thanks...

Conan on 60mins

Here it is... he spills it!

Watch CBS News Videos Online


It use to be called AVATAR the last airbender, but... you know.
Anyways, this looks pretty good!

Porn star Lil Lupe saves a man from going to jail...

Some guy had a image of Lil Lupe on his computer and with no questions asked was busted for Child Porn.
She got messaged on Myspace and she flew down to Venezuela to save his ass...she is 18.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


SKULLMAN... I have your back on the battlefield...

Evil kids tricycle

For the goth child in your life.


Elvis will Eff u up!

All I wanna do is CHA-CHING, and BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM, and take your money!

Jonah Hex Trailer

I never read this comic, but I will pretty much watch any comic book converted into a movie. I dont know why, most of them are terrible (fantastic four, Spider-man 3, the Hulk)
The action looks pretty bad ass, but it has Megan Fox and she sucks, I hate anything she is in.
 I am sure it wont be as good as Ironman 2... but it looks alright.

"Little Razor Blade video" The Get Busy Committee

These guys are the illshit!!

Stuff to furnish your home with...

If you like Adidas...

First look a GARGAMEL from the new SMURFS movie.

Played by Hank Azeria, he has to visit New York city in the movie for some reason...
Im not talking jive when I say "I am so watching the SMURFS in the theater!"