Saturday, July 24, 2010

Don't be a assface...

Visit spazotron...

The true king of Cybertron....

Shockwave was always my fav, I just hope he spared Soundwave...

Vader gets down with his harmonica... (file this under fuckin funny!)

Yeah man some peoples kids you know... they just get embarrassed to easy.
Ease up Luke, your Pops got skills...


Ever since owning the PS3 I am yet to find a good fighting game. I thought Street Fighter would quench that, but I was not thrilled, I never bothered with Tekken and I see in the bargain bin at some video game stores.
The new Mortal Kombat game coming out looks pretty cool, but other then that... hard to say.


Here are some fans orgasming over the game. i am excited also but come on guys...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Gunnin for 2000 hits this month...



For more check out ...

3D Graffiti by Evan Roth

Off the hook man, this is at no doubt... this is one of the best things I have seen in a while.!
Evan Roth!

Graffiti Analysis v3.0 - Trailer from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Ski Beatz “Cream of The Planet” feat. Mos Def

On point, Mos Def is on point!!

This kid will grow up to be something special!

Best North American robot shows...

In my opinion all the best do come from Japan, but we did have some pretty cool shows made here.

This show MEGAS XLR lasted just one year from 2004 to 2005, I loved it because it paid homage to a lot of shows I use to watch growing up. The characters were O.K., it was a comical show and poked fun at the cheesiness of those old Japanese robot shows.
This episode is titled "Coop D'etat" features robots similar  to several 70s-era super robots shows, the two most obvious being  MANZINGER Z and RAIDEEN who are voiced by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker who voiced Optimus Prime and Megatron of the Transformers cartoon. You can see other robots that look like Gai-king, Dangaurd Ace and others...

This show is pretty awesome also... but I can't embed any videos, but they have full episodes on YOUTUBE... I wouldnt mind grabbing the DVD on this...


Fluffyfaces knows he will open space time continuum if he swats it to hard... no fear, he is here for the good of man kind.
So nice.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a thing for fully clothed wet ladies in wheelchairs...

Hey its better then a poop fetish.

Rickys mom caught him playing ball on team penis...



Just a warning, this is so corny and over the top retarded... how do you make ends meet man, like how do you pay the bills!?

If you like my should check...

Very Alien friendly site....

Retarded E.T. collection

I hate E.T., I don't know how it made crap loads of money, the movie blows. The only cool part was when he tossed the ball into the shed and E.T. threw it back.
The whole movie sucked ass, even as a kid I hated it...but my parents tried to push it on me.
I stick it right up there with lame shit like unicorn and dolphin collections...gaaaaad!
I have to admit the middle E.T. made out of wood looks like shit... and that is why I like it the most!

Shogun Warriors triple team this ho!

You don't see Grandizer here...Grandizer has class, he only deals with Ladies... not tramps.


 In celebration of shark week 2010, Discovery Channels office building was transformed into a giant shark!
Just when you thought it was safe to go to work!

NESEX by MC Sex Ft. Pack of Rats

Ahhh yeah, video game pervs enjoy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pug yells Bat Man


This is a short  by my close personal friend William Primrose, who is also co-owner along with my girlfriend of the film studio/rental company RATTAILFILMS.
The film stars Sarah Butcher and Aiden (her last name escapes me, I do apologize)
Will plays the slob cop, and Gord Robertson plays the freaking out cop. Gord Robertson is a legend, he has worked along side Jim Henson, he is a very gifted puppeteer.
Gord has worked on "Fraggle rock", "The ninja turtles", he was Johnny 5 in "Short Circuit 2" and was one of the puppets on "PUPPETS WHO KILL" A canadian comedy show which involves puppets living in a home from troubled puppets, puppets with criminal records.
Not to mention I ran into him last week while on my lunch break and we chatted for 2-3 minutes. He just finished "THE THING" which is a prequel to the original, he is a puppeteer in that. I tried to keep my cool, but I am a big fan of John Carpenters horror masterpiece. I will be seeing him AUG 14TH... maybe he will drop a hint or 2 about the movie... maybe he will have a shirt for me...I dunno.
The puppets you see in this short are actual "Muppets" made for this short, and they were not cheap.
So sit back and enjoy, its out there, its fun... it does not have UFO's attacking, zombies or spectacle car chases... its just a fun little short!
From William Primrose of RATTAILFILMS here is...
garage girl from rattailfilms on Vimeo.

The things you find...



Thanks to Rup from my facebook, thanks for visiting, your a true Spazzer!!


I love Japan all the kookiness that comes from it, especially stuff from when I was growing up. I was fortunate enough that a few Canadian/U.S. stations would play such things. (CFTC 47 AND BUFFALO 29)
Star Fish Hitler is pretty crazy... why the combo, it beats me. I would think others would be more terrorizing like "Grizzly Hitler", or "Robo-Hitler" and maybe give him chainsaws for hands??


This shit is so strange... I am sure it is the same voice as EV 9D9  from Jabbas Palace

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