Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rest in Power.

I loved Hopper, his small role in True Romance was so bloody good, he floored me.

Too early??

Lil Mac vs King Hippo T

I was a total nerd for this game.

American Women muppets style.

Yup... the Guess who... kick ass Canadian band!

90% of new hip hop blows dead goats... this is part of the 10% that dont!!

I have been listening to KRS-1 since I was like in grade 5-6 , mid 80s to be exact.
He is the best rapper hands down, nobody can touch this guy... he is a hip hop god, he embodies the very soul of it and breathes it like air.
I like Buckshot and Blackmoon were the shit back in the 90s... it is good to see him and KRS-1 doing work together.
This song to me is a eye opener... not for me, but for those who are blinded on what they think good hip hop is about.

I have to give a big thanks to Troy "who rocks the party" Varty from my facebook friends list for this... awesome!!

Thor by Vince Sunico

This was created by my good friend Vince Sunico, crazy talented artist from SPENT PENCILS comics.
Be on the look out for a clothing line I am working on...Vince is going to have your eyes buggin out your head!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wrestling is fake??

This cant be real!


Yeaaaah... this is tough one to ...ahem...swallow.

"DO THE STANKY LEG" at Walmart


Dont touch me...

ABC7's Dan Noyes was probing allegations that Laguna Honda administrators used money from the Patient Gift Fund -- funds donated to patients -- to buy catered meals and airline tickets, among other things. According to Noyes, "Hospital Director Mivic Hirose ignored our phone calls for an interview. So, we showed up at her town hall meeting at the hospital." That's when the chief of community relations Marc Slavin stepped in and repeatedly patted Noyes with a hand. Each time, Noyes warned, "Do not touch me," and one point Noyes threatened to call the cops. But like a brother bugging his little sister, Slavin continued his touchy-feely ways with Noyes and the camerawoman.

Fan trailer better then both AvsP movies

What a let down... these movies sucked.
This guy spent 500 bucks to do this, yeah the special effects are not up to Hollywood par...but man, it still kills the 2 Hollywood made movies!

AVP Redemption from Alex Popov on Vimeo.

Would the real IRON MAN...please stand up.

Xzibit - Phenom Ft. Kurupt_gotti & 40 Glocc (Video)



Who laced this bears honey with rice?!
Bless those Pandas!!

Check your watch...its 2min to SHITTIN YO PANTS!! INVISIBLE SHARKS!!

I am so afraid to use the toilet,...


As if they weren't scary enough, scientists have discovered that sharks can become invisible to prey/you using an optical trick. Not scared yet? Well, one of the invisible shark species is nicknamed the phantom hunter of the fjords. Run. Now.
The real name of the phantom hunter is Etmopterus spinax or velvet belly lantern shark. It lives in the deep waters of the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, the shark becomes invisible by regulating the photophores underneath its body. This makes their belly glow matching the color of the Sun's light above them. As a result, prey or predators looking up from lower depts are not able to see them.
Fortunately, not all sharks can become invisible: Only ten percent of the sharks can use this trick. And even better news: No flying invisible sharks with laser weapons have been discovered yet


I need this on a shirt!!

Activision takes a cheap shot at Mario Kart

This is pretty funny, I have to admit Mario Kart is fun even though it looks like a total children's game. A lot of us video gamers who have been playing for years know that there was not a lot of good, original and fun car games.  They had Grand Turismo which i found so incredibly boring, Need for Speed was a fantastic game and the original DRIVER for Playstation had that whole drive until the cops catch you option, fun!
So when Mario Kart rolled out it was revolutionary and sold millions of copies.  I am not one of those people who refuses to play a game because it looks cute, I played the shit out of KATAMARI DAMACY.
I played it, and it lived up to its fun factor and then a million other rip offs followed and nothing really compared.
Then when Playstation 2 and Xbox dropped, they brought a whole new game to the table. Better game play, better sound, graphics. The car games, which I am not a huge fan of, got better, and by the time PS3 and XBOX 360  they were on the top of the heap.
My girlfriend bought MARIO KART for the Wii... its a dust collector.
I have played a bunch of car games on other systems and they are crazy fun, big explosions, elaborate car chases, customizations and white knuckle madness!!
The game is Blur...

I just bought Modracers, but its mad fun!!


This is pretty funny, but I hate the shit out of Beaker.. childhood nightmare.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess whos 47?!

Party on Wayne!
(Mike Meyers!)

"FLESH" Mr Flash Music video

This has to be one the sexiest videos... dont watch this at work, your ass will get canned for looking at almost porn.

"FLESH" Mr Flash Music video from C├ędric BLAISBOIS on Vimeo.


Best thing ever to come from autotune.


It is hard to come across this kinda of music, and when you do its like 30 bucks for the CD.
I have always been a fan of moogs, synthesizers, and all the funky and spaced out sounds involved.
Growing up in my house hold it was either Motown or Rock 'n roll from my Mother, or Classic rock from the 60s and 70s from my father. They thought this stuff belonged to weirdos or in science fiction movies... maybe thats why I liked it. I would sometimes find odd ball shit like this on my radio as a kid. I never danced, I would wear a halloween mask and have space battles with my toys...

La Bionda - I wanna be your lover (Discoring)

Droids - The Force

Natalie Portman kicks the ill shit

Not safe for work... this is possibly the best thing on the internet.
She is ... DOPE!!