Friday, September 3, 2010

Best Simpsons ad ever...

Man you know your huge when your ads make Elevators!
Homer Simpson!

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METAL GEAR SOLID old NES cover art looks a lot like Reese from the 1st terminator!

Mortal Kombat Shadows Trailer

Could fighting games make a comeback... If any ganes can do it, it will be STREET FIGHTER VS TEKKEN and the new MORTAL KOMBAT!


I want tats, and I will be getting some super hero tats like "The Maxx", and possibly ROM THE SPACE KNIGHT.
Yeah my choices are not the best... but this to me looks way to crowded.
Anyways... if you like it and you are happy... enjoy!

James Carta plays the drums to...VOLTRON!

Bitches ain't shit

HAHAHHA... way to funny!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Best Bollywood action sequence ever...

Oh man this is to bloody crazy. I think if this is suppose to be taken seriously they have it all wrong... this was pure jokes, I laughed so hard!!

Beardymans Arcadia Stage Rave At Glastonbury Festival 2010

This guy is over the top, got to see this guy!!

ELECTRIC METHODS -8bit mixtape

this will blow yer mind!

Eclectic Method - 8 Bit Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

ROBOCOP the musical...


Meet The Tiny Crustaceans (Not Kosher) In New York tap water

From TIME magazine on line...

New York City is known for having excellent tap water, but why does it taste so good? It might be the microscopic shrimp.
Tiny copepods were discovered after a reddit user uploaded photos of what they found through the other end of a microscope after adding H&E stain to New York tap water. According to blog Gizmodo, copepods are added to water to eat mosquito larvae, keeping water sources clear.
But besides a serious "ick" factor, the copepods are technically crustaceans, which means they aren't kosher for the city's large Orthodox, observant Jewish population. Reports of requests by the Jewish community to have the water "purified" surfaced in 2004, but according to the Department of Environmental Protection, extracting the creatures wasn't possible, claiming that they deliver health benefits to water reservoirs. "When it comes to delivery, if there is a spike and you are not comfortable with what you see in your water, all we can recommend is a commercial filter, which will effectively filter them out," DEP spokesman Charles Sturcken told Water & Waste Digest.

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Star Wars characters re-imagined as samurai

DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL - "Kill Devil Hills" ft. B-Real & Vinnie Paz - Official Video