Thursday, March 11, 2010


Oh man...this looks good, big massive battles... NO 3D, WHAAAAA?!
Looks  fantastic and its made by Ridley Scott... cool!!

Google Maps in Manchester ...


Office VS Studio...

I am a pen pusher in cubical hell, I make the best of my days making people laugh, so the 8hrs we have is a fun one.
I have had some fun experiences working in studios similar to this picture doing screen printing.
This is more my style... maybe one day I will be doing this again but full time, you know like making a living out of it.  Better yet going to work and not a job!


Ohhhhhhh damn!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Your doing it all wrong!

The Enterprise crew encounter something....

Truly bizarre and powerful...maybe even European.


Jim Kelly is a total bad ass, I fell in love with  "Black belt jones" back in the day when they would play old school martial arts flicks on CFMT Cable 47 back in the 80s here in Toronto.
I am not really one for Wal-mart but we needed cat litter and got to walking around the place. I hit up the DVD isle looking for deals and BAAAAM... lookie lookie, JIM KELLY 4 PACK for 10 bucks!!

Japan rules


Thanks to Topless robot for this one!!


I am not one to go cry and get all dramatic over celebs when they die. Some people no matter who the actor, singer, athlete is, they become instant fans after they die. When Kurt Kobain died I was a big Nirvana fan way before that, but was labeled a "Poser" and I was jumping on the "Kurts dead now I love Nirvana band wagon" No man...fuck off.
When Michael Jackson died, yeah it was sad, I owned Thriller in grade 5...but after that I never owned a M.J. record. So I was not running out and buying up all the CDs in the store and talking about how much M.J. changed my life. When Jam Master Jay from RUN-D.M.C. and Roc Raida died... it sucked, a part of something I loved died. Music is big in my life, and when parts of it are gone... it bums me out.
Movie stars are pretty much the same, I wont watch the T.V. marathon because the actor died. Patrick Swayze, I had nothing against the guy but I never watched his movies so why should I fake it and start now?
As a youngster in the shitty 80s I started going to the movies with friends and one movie that got me good was THE LOST BOYS.  What a bad ass movie, Vampires, blood, pretty cool action, the Frog brothers!
From what I know thats were the 2 Coreys got there start, then they did "License to drive' which was ok, I am sure I wouldn't like it now as much.
The T.V. show "THE 2 COREYS" I did enjoy and I am not a fan of reality T.V.. I use to laugh at how much Haim was a slob, and how Feldman was on his ass. I could relate to both these guys, and the friend relationship they had was very close and similar to the way my close friends and I interact.
From what I have been reading he was out and about in my neck of the woods in Toronto. I would have loved just to chat with that guy man.
I am not here to cry and go on about his career... I just think he had some demons that got the best of him. It can happen to anyone and that is part of life, some get the sugar some get the stains!
I am a fan, it is sad to see him go... I will make it a point to watch "LOST BOYS"

Monday, March 8, 2010

Billy Corgan is BATMAN

Obessed with...

If I was single... man...I tell ya.

GRAND ANALOG "Take it slow"

I just saw this on AUX T.V. and I was all like "YO IT'S TORONTO, and its a groovy ass song!"
It caught my eye because I work in the area that this was all shot, walk by all of this daily.
Besides that, this song is nice man, makes me want to break out a bong and go for a nice walk!
Grand Analog just made a new fan!

Ever have one of those days...

when too many things are fucked up, and too many people with confused and strange minds flock to you?
I am starting to think I am part of this game or show, and everyone is in on it... like "The Trueman show"
Could this be the much talked about "Game of life"... or could it just be that I attract the bizarre and the strange?


I am a GOD OF WAR freak, I love this game, it has some of the biggest most epic battles ever.
It comes out March 16TH... Which will be the longest day at work ever.  I warned my girlfriend 2 years in advance that I may not bother with her for a few days when this comes out.


This looks killer!!