Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best anime movie ever...

Well its a tie...I love Ninja scroll just as much.
Ghost in the shell was the inspiration for THE MATRIX, you can see the influences throughout the movie.
I am not a anime freak, I think 95% of it is total crap and very boring. I am more into the old school anime from the 60's, 70s and some from the 80s... stuff like "Battle of the planets", and "Starblazers".
I find a lot of it confusing and strange as hell and I stay right clear of that tentacle school girl rape shit, who buys that ... apparently thousands of people.
I was introduced to "Ninja scroll" and "Ghost in the shell", and fell in love with them after the 1st showing. I also loved Akira, which is kinda hard to follow but a good flick.
Osamu Tezukas "Metropolis" is interesting, Princess Mononoke is very well done but should have never been marketed as a kids movie. "Spirited away" looks like a little girls movie but it is very visually stunning and has a complex story.
Other flicks I dig are "Appleseed", "Paprika" and "Tekkinkinkreet".
I am pretty sure their are a few other movies I like and thats about it, the rest of it is a massive sea of lame ass shit.
(Skip on Ghost in the shell 2 innocence, looks amazing but it sucks!!!)


That ends up making you want to puke...

I need a handful of sleeping pills....

I swear when girls like this are around me weather  it be on the bus, in line, sitting across from me in a restaurant, I can't help but shake my head.
Their conversations are usually plague with "oh my gaaaawd", "No...WAY" and they use the word "Like" way too much.  For example a conversation may sound like this...
 "Like I may spent like 400 bucks on like this purse, but's a Prada and like thats like so cool"
Oh and when they are pissed they use "Ah" at the end of a sentence like " Stop bugging meahh"


Amazing bus ad... maybe the best ever.

ALEC EMPIRE! "New world Order"

I cant seem to find a lot of this guys music here, I even hit up the indi-shops...anyways, pure bad ass.
I have talked to this guy a few times on Facebook, very friendly and I begged for him to come to Toronto.
If he can all thank me.


Holy shit, I have heard hard ass music before...this my fellow readers and viewers of SPAZOTRON is what hardcore is all about!!

TELEX -Rock around the clock

I would not say a great cover...but pretty funny.



Its suppose to go up to +2 today and +3 tomorow?

Usually people envision Canada as a winter wonderland, which is very untrue... we have unbearably hot summers and this years winter was pretty much non-existent.
I can remember winters back in the 80s that would last right to the middle of April, and 2 feet of snow.
I think people here in Ontario worry too much about winter and freak out when the ground is glazed over by some light snow that will melt in a few hours. I am originally from Montreal and they have epic winters,   what Toronto calls one of the worst winters on record, would be nothing but a cake walk for Quebec.
I can only imagine the companies that suffered because of this like the people who make G.T. Snow racers and Boots made for winter...endless

Bus driver nods off for a sec and...

not good.

Best action scene ever... thank you Bollywood!

I must have seen the movie Speed...well more then I would like to admit but they lifted from music from it.
This kills speed, Indian movies are so funny!

Epic Beard man is a hero...

He is a senior and some of the things he is saying is not 100% true like the thug being knocked out for 22mins. Regardless a thug started shit with him on the bus and Epic beard man pounded the shit out of him.
We have a lot of youth today who think they are the shit, they are untouchable, and run the yard. In some cases they get away with that, and in other cases like this...they dont!
I hope Epic Beard man aka Thomas Bruso receives some positive stardom and lives his last years a happy one.
I also hope these little shits realize...just cause we are over 30, 40, 50, ect... dont think we cant beat the living piss out of you, and your daddy if he wants to dance also!

Incase you missed it...

fuck you thugs... all day everyday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So true...


If I ever lost my desk I should invest into something like this...its like daft punk meets alternative transportation.

For the lil cutie pie Asian girl in my life...



We went from this ....

When your fat...

No matter the time or place...YOU LOVE YER DONUTS!


Funkdoobiest has been around since the 90s along with the soul assassins crew and then they were rolling with BATTLE AXE (Swollen members)

I think the album is out, I cant find it... but its a must!

Family Guy - Down Syndrome Girl (Sarah Palin Diss)

Made it to THE VIEW, they had some valid points...this maybe one of the only times I post a VIEW clip, so wipe the sweat off your brow.

GANGSTA VS 67 year old war vet...

1st off fuck you gangsta bitches, you talk shit, you only have strength in numbers and you love to intimidate. I see you assholes walking around the mall acting large groups may I add. You scare old people, families,  kids who are legitimately shopping and not loitering in a food court.
I stare all of you in the eyes with a screw face...I pray for you well being if you decide to step up and do something stupid cuz if I get the chance...I will bite your ear off and wipe my ass with it.
I have met TRUE gangstas... they are total opposites of you and I respect how they live their lives. I am willing to bet they would have ignored this guy, or not taken the route this guy took...
Learn it!!!

This dude could be white, yellow, brown, pink... he needed to catch it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gary Oldman on White people

I have to agree with him, my whole family has swastikas tattooed on them.

AXE COP...fake trailer

Written by a 5 year old...Hollywood take note... lots of your movies suck like Transformers, Superman returns, ect.
This is what bad ass fun is all about!!

STAR WARS knock offs...I support them cuz Lucas killed Star Wars...

And that means Lucas killed my Childhood.
In the realm of bootlegged or knocked-off Star Wars merchandise, lightsabers hold a special place. They were among the earliest knock-off items to appear and probably the most varied in terms of construction and appearance. I guess this is easy to understand: lightsabers played a special part in the first Star Wars film, and they were fairly easy to replicate in toy form, since all they required was a hilt and a rudimentary blade. And, of course, Kenner's lag in getting licensed merchandise to market only helped to encourage the rip-offs.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Alec Empire makes some of the most powerful music, to me its like drinking a months worth of caffeine in one shot.

Paolo Apollo Negri - Song For My Father

Ishu Patel is an award-winning animation film director/producer and educator. Over a period of twenty-five years at the National Film Board of Canada he developed animation techniques and styles to support his themes and vision.
I remember watching this with my grandmother back in Montreal sippin Spruce Beer and eattin bagels.

Origins of the Godzilla suit!

Im such a fan!!
A documentary (slightly abridged to make it fit YouTube's ten minute rule) by Godzilla expert Ed Godziszewski chronicling the evolution of the Godzilla suit for the first Toho movie made in 1954. Numerous rare, behind-the-scenes still images of the Godzilla suit and of Japanese special effects legend Eiji Tsuburaya and his team at work.

Boba Fett drawn western style!

adidas Nizza 'Valentine's Day'

More ugly ass shoes, I love kicks but the direction they take at times is down right ugly.

When you get your iPad

I am going to pass on the ipad, I have a laptop... and that covers pretty much all my needs. Besides why would they make something so big, cram it on a iphone?!
Well do what you like with your money, I love apple but i will pass on this.
But if you do want one of these mother sure to drop some $$$ on a nice pair of "iGotabigasspocket jeans...


Two huge waves hit spectators at the world’s most lucrative surfing competition, leaving some in hospital with serious injuries.  More than a dozen spectators were bowled over by the sea surge onto the rocky shore at the Mavericks competition in Half Moon Bay, a California harbor town 25 miles south of San Francisco California.

forehead texter... brilliant!

Nothing kills me more when I am talking to someone and they pull out their blackberry, iphone, whatever and start a whole new conversation with someone else. I always throw in crazy shit in to the conversation like "Yeah soooo...I had sex with a dead animal today" or "My Mom has a Hitler tat on her boob"
What a dope invention!


Reminds me of some Canadian film board clip...
love it!

CHEECH AND CHONGS animated movie...

Coming soon...
I love Cheech and Chong but the animation looks like flash animation, looks more like something made for  Youtube, or maybe a direct to DVD release. I will still watch it, I am willing to bet it has some classic shit.

Voltron... official war vet!

Best slide ever...

Oi Vay!