Saturday, January 23, 2010

I must have one of these...

I know this blog has visitors from all over the globe, so you may not have a clue what the CBC is. It is the CANADIAN BROADCASTING COMPANY, A television station that has been around forever and is a very proud part of us. It shows all the Hockey games, provides lots of interesting shows like Dragons Den, Market Place and old school shows like The beachcombers and Degrassi Jr. High.
I own a CBC t-shirt...thats not enough...I need this also.

From Now magazine...

Radio Canada, a prototype by Tristan Zimmermann of Science & Sons, is a radio with only two listening options: CBC Radio One or CBC Radio Two, and it’s beautifully crafted, with the CBC logo as the speaker. It’s the ultimate Toronto design for me, because it’s a perfect mix of irony and nostalgia.

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