Sunday, January 17, 2010


I do not really follow hollywood news, I like reading about who is going to play a character in a upcoming movie I want to see, but as for break ups, dating, big marriages, what they eat and wear... to be blunt about it, it can all fuck right off.
A lot of this trash your are bombarded with constantly, I hear it but I don't care about it. It is pretty easy to tune it all out, it is not easy to avoid it.
I blog daily and I come across all types of news and I read about this Leno & Conan bit which is pretty disgusting.  Conan has done no wrong but as for NBC and Leno, they should be ashamed of their actions.
I  gave Conan a chance in the beginning when he was kind of a unknown and his ratings where not that great, yet he was by far the best on late night television.
Conan receives great  ratings and pulls a younger fresh demographic, Leno is crap. He is not funny he just absorbed up Carson's audience and relies on printing errors in news papers and ads to get by.

I ask you to watch this and just see how funny Mr. Leno is, anyone with a brain can see Leno is full of shit.

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