Sunday, April 4, 2010


I don't have a clue if these films will be worth watching, I know nothing about the directors or the companies who are making them. But I will watch these movies as these anime shows were awesome back in the day. I think todays anime is either incredibly sissy or so over the top disgusting and unnecessary.

The official website to Toei Animation has revealed news of a CGI pilot for a 「Gaiking」 remake. The work is being handled as a collaboration project with founder and CEO of LightStage Jules Urbach. LightStage utilizes a high-quality 3D rendering and capturing system that can be seen in such films as Avatar, Benjamin Button, and Spiderman 2. The pilot is expected to debut at this year’sTokyo International Anime Fair 2010 event — held 
March 27th.

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