Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Activision takes a cheap shot at Mario Kart

This is pretty funny, I have to admit Mario Kart is fun even though it looks like a total children's game. A lot of us video gamers who have been playing for years know that there was not a lot of good, original and fun car games.  They had Grand Turismo which i found so incredibly boring, Need for Speed was a fantastic game and the original DRIVER for Playstation had that whole drive until the cops catch you option, fun!
So when Mario Kart rolled out it was revolutionary and sold millions of copies.  I am not one of those people who refuses to play a game because it looks cute, I played the shit out of KATAMARI DAMACY.
I played it, and it lived up to its fun factor and then a million other rip offs followed and nothing really compared.
Then when Playstation 2 and Xbox dropped, they brought a whole new game to the table. Better game play, better sound, graphics. The car games, which I am not a huge fan of, got better, and by the time PS3 and XBOX 360  they were on the top of the heap.
My girlfriend bought MARIO KART for the Wii... its a dust collector.
I have played a bunch of car games on other systems and they are crazy fun, big explosions, elaborate car chases, customizations and white knuckle madness!!
The game is Blur...

I just bought Modracers, but its mad fun!!

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