Friday, May 14, 2010

Hollywood needs to watch this and realize how much they piss off the REAL fans.

1st off when I say REAL fans, I mean the people who enjoy a good movie and will come back for more. The people who have follow certain properties like Batman or Spiderman and who have poured hard earned cash into these properties over the years.
Some directors can nail it so perfect like the new Batman movies with Christian Bale. Even before the hype surrounding the death of Heath Ledger he had made Batman Begins, and that was fantastic. Other notible mentions the 1st two x-men movies,  Ironman and The Watchmen were all done very well.
Then you get trash, piles of shit like Daredevil, Superman returns, Cat woman and my personal disappointment The fantastic 4. I read at one point they were going to make Fantastic 4 a campy comedy similar to Charlies Angeles. After watching the 2 movies they made I wish they would have.
Spiderman was my favorite comic when I was a kid and the rumors about a movie floated around since the mid 80s. At one point James Cameron was going to do it, I am sure it would have been a hit. Willing to bet if he puts his mind to it he will come up with a blockbuster. (thats a joke)
I liked the 1st Spiderman, and I liked the 2nd one even more, some people hated it... and thats fine.
The 3rd movie was a total disaster and had way to much going on. You had Venom, the Sandman, and the Hobgoblin all on the same block. Peter Parker dances, turns Emo... I could go on and on about how much it sucked.
Anyways... HOLLYWOOD, watch this!

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