Sunday, July 11, 2010

Behind my new banner thingie...

The dog, is my parents dog Paisley, she loves me so much she pees when she sees me.

The Rhino with green projectile diarrhea ... it is gross, but I love potty humour, I laugh at the word poop, I still laugh at farts. This is gross, but go to the zoo and your bound to come across something similar. You can find and see worse on the internet, and I know some of you look for it.

Thats me as a child, I will always be a kid at heart. I was a very nice,innocent, sharing child... so why would or should that change

3 girls in halloween masks... I love the odd combo of spider-man, Bat-man and Col. Sanders. I am huge fan of odd ball, mixed up stuff, kinda reminds me of that and the picture is too funny not to post.

That is me with a clown at the FANEXPO 2 years ago... I hate clowns with a passion. I knew some of my friends and family would get a kick out of a photo like this. I do not like people dressed as clowns to be exact and this was just a rubber statue... still its horrifying!

I am a die hard Grandizer fan, been a fan since I was like 8. You will always see a Grandizer pic on these collage banners. I really like this pic because they built one, I believe Toshiba made him.

That is me longboarding outside my girlfriends film studio... I took this up and I love it.

I love old school Japanese shows and movies, it was by far the most entertaining stuff growing up. This I believe is Ultraman... but wearing a suit and hat.... dope!

The last pic is someone's Polaroid of a robot they made. I love the whole poor quality, cheesy robot thing happening. Anyone who knows me, knows I love robots  (Grandizer) and campy cheesey stuff.


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