Monday, July 19, 2010


This is a short  by my close personal friend William Primrose, who is also co-owner along with my girlfriend of the film studio/rental company RATTAILFILMS.
The film stars Sarah Butcher and Aiden (her last name escapes me, I do apologize)
Will plays the slob cop, and Gord Robertson plays the freaking out cop. Gord Robertson is a legend, he has worked along side Jim Henson, he is a very gifted puppeteer.
Gord has worked on "Fraggle rock", "The ninja turtles", he was Johnny 5 in "Short Circuit 2" and was one of the puppets on "PUPPETS WHO KILL" A canadian comedy show which involves puppets living in a home from troubled puppets, puppets with criminal records.
Not to mention I ran into him last week while on my lunch break and we chatted for 2-3 minutes. He just finished "THE THING" which is a prequel to the original, he is a puppeteer in that. I tried to keep my cool, but I am a big fan of John Carpenters horror masterpiece. I will be seeing him AUG 14TH... maybe he will drop a hint or 2 about the movie... maybe he will have a shirt for me...I dunno.
The puppets you see in this short are actual "Muppets" made for this short, and they were not cheap.
So sit back and enjoy, its out there, its fun... it does not have UFO's attacking, zombies or spectacle car chases... its just a fun little short!
From William Primrose of RATTAILFILMS here is...
garage girl from rattailfilms on Vimeo.

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