Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Slated for 2011, I dunno...
I do not mind Seth Rogan, but in a super hero movie as the lead? He is nothing like Van Williams the original Green Hornet, you can just tell from the trailer.
Also the asian guy, never heard of him, but I will give him a chance. Incase you did not know, Bruce Lee played Kato in the T.V. series.
I am glad Hollywood actually picked a Asian guy to play Kato as they are catching some backlash for using white actors to play other ethnicities. (Prince of Persia, The last air bender)
I agree with the backlash, hey I am still bitter that the kingpin in the hunk of shit DARDEVIL was played by a Ving Rhames and not by some big fat white guy.  Look at the old Bat movies from the 90s, first 2 movies also. Harvey Dent is played by Billy Dee Williams, the 3rd movie rolls out Harvey Dent is now played by Tommy Lee Jones? (Billy Dee is black, Jones is white)
I am also glad they didn't choose the guy from Harold and Kumar, or Jackie Chan.

Anyways...I am going off in all directions here...

The action looks pretty good, I am willing to give this movie a chance. I think it will be interesting to see how many little brats will love this but hate the original.
On the plus side, I hope they release the originals on DVD... I'll buy that for a dollar!

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