Sunday, July 11, 2010


from the new album

<a href="">CULT ASSASSIN by Illbill</a>

There's a fixed rate of pay per murder & the assassin
is a expert so you know that he stay with the burner
from buying glocks to LSD psych ops
Amen Ra Masonic Lodge
to the private blog of Adam Weishaupt
public enemy caught in the shooter's lobby
The real life Luca Brasi, so fuck you and the Illuminazi
spray with the milf
the cradle of filth
a .38, some cocaine and some pills, stay chill
supergroupies wanna get raped & scraped in the grill
duct taped & filmed, I cut to the chase & I drill
This that murderworld animal funk
A brand you can trust like Phil Knight
Listen how it bang in ya trunk

The darkness that surround us can't hurt us
It's the darkness in the heart of our souls
that turn us into murderers
even though we gutter
we still gotta reach for the stars
peace to the gods
now speak to the kronze

They say that doomsday was written in an alien bible
In algebraic code,
signalling a day of reprisal
Now pay the toll
Homemade weapons, razors crazy glued to toothbrushes
Two suspects, no arrests, Koolaid smiles & hold grudges
excited deathsquads, Knights of Templar
the lightest kevlar, the finest champagne, write your memoirs
they tried to extradite him for running guns
so he faked his own death & had plastic surgery in Colombia
the last of the cast iron, blast fire, anti
Accidental billionaire amongst the vampires
Protest is not disturbing the peace
There's no peace
It's disturbing the war, murder galore, secret police
plain clothes, F.B.I. earpiece
work the crowd with sunglasses on
beach hat, banana clip at the bar
the AK under the dinner table
We innovative
so we'll survive after everything else has disintegrated

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