Monday, August 9, 2010

Adil Omar - "Incredible" - Official Music Video

I met Adil on Facebook a few years back, we have a lot of similar tastes in music. I have a clothing line that has gone threw a lot of changes, and has been put on the backburner more then once. At the time I made up a shit load of shirts and sent him one. He liked my idea what the whole thing stood for, and for me Adil is what my line represents, someone who busts there ass, goes for self, works hard, deals with issues and keeps striving...REAL MEN, REAL PROBLEMS.
Before on continue, let me just say that Adil has several other videos, has won a SOUL ASSASSINS contest, worked with B-real from Cypress Hill, has A introduction on a song from Penn, from "Penn and Teller" this list can keep going trust me.
Every time he has something new, it just gets better... be on the look out, Adil Omar!!

Check at the 50sec mark, the dude who looks like Kraytos from GOD OF WAR is rocking a "REAL ME, REAL PROBLEMS" shirt... THANK YOU ADIL!!

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