Friday, January 15, 2010

Saturday mornings....gimmie some cartoons.

I never understood why people out grew cartoons. Mind you most of the people my age who still watch them only like shows they grew up on, or the more adult themed shows like South Park and Family Guy.
I guess I fall into that category, mind you I am a big fan of new shows like Samurai Jack, Dexters Lab and The powerpuff girls. I called in sick when the powerpuff girls movie came out. I had friends drive 45mins to the city because it was only playing in selected spots.

I was having a conversation with my girlfriend and her parents about how spoiled kids are today 56 inch flat screens, specialty stations geared towards you're liking, box sets, 500 channels and nothing on?!
I can remember having 13 channels and only having a 14 inch screen and loving it.
So I have noticed that Saturday mornings are cartoon free, its fishing shows, cooking shows, paid programming, religious shows.
You have teletoon or the Cartoon network...but it is not the same.
My brother and I would wake up 5am sat morn just to get as much cartoons in as possible eating bowl after bowl of sugary cereal and watch till 12. Then after that play 8hrs of road hockey rain or shine. We played Hockey on a road, not online...we were fit!! (take that youth of today!)
Even Commercial breaks were entertaining for the most part, they were toy commercials! Which is funny because  most of the cartoons anyways were 30 min commercials to sell toys.
I think this sat morn I m going to break out some old school cartoons and eat cereal...keep it real.


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