Friday, January 15, 2010


Is Harrison Ford retarded, he is willing to do another Indy but not a "Star Wars" movie? The last Indiana Jones movie was interesting for the first 15mins, then it went completely stupid. I hated it, even my Dad who is a huge Indiana Jones fan agreed, the movie sucked.
I am confused why he says yes to one and no the other.

The MTV Movies Blog recently landed an exclusive interview with Harrison Ford. In the article, Ford says that he will not be revisiting the iconic character of Han Solo in his acting career. Speaking to the blog as part of a publicity campaign for the drama "Extraordinary Measures," Ford said of Han Solo, "I'm done with him.”

There's not much more to the MTV article, but you can find it -- and the embedded video interview itself -- here.

By far the best Harrison Ford character, wonder if he would say no to A Bladerunner sequel?

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